exactwater valves are constructed of Acetron GP, a self-lubricating and resilient resin. This industrial breakthrough is FDA-approved, resists moisture, will not corrode or accumulate particulates, and eliminates the use of gaskets and seals. All non-Acetron GP components are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel.

How it works
The exactwater hardware installs on the user side of the water supply line past the water meter. Through the patented system, a smooth column of water crosses the meter area. The user’s water system becomes protected against rapid fluctuations, unmanaged flow, and unnecessary over-oxygenation. Nationwide, water utilities overcharge due to inaccurate consummative management. The user bears the responsibility for usage control. Exactwater provides that control.


Fluctuations and supply instability cause faster material wear leaks,
over consumption and over charging


Water supply before installing exactwater


Water supply after installing exactwater

It works 24/7/365 with no maintenance needed. All you have to do is set it and forget it. 
The only difference you will notice will be in your wallet. WE GUARANTEE IT

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About exactwater
UPTURN Technologies develops effective and unique technological advancements for business across the globe. Our pioneering solutions resolve inefficiency, optimizing systems and revenue. Each solution is carefully researched and produced for industry-leading improvement. Proudly, exactwater is one of the very best of these advancements — conservation and cost-cutting efficiency!